V.I.P. Access

Executive Limo and Services offers its clients Concierge Service. Ours is a true passion for offering you what’s best about Italy , from excellent food, timeless works of art, to unforgettable beautiful places and more. Our aim is to make sure that what we have to offer transforms the time you spend travelling into a memorable experience


Executive Limo and Services allows access to the most exclusive clubs and events.

You may want VIP access to the most happening Opera Theatre event, concert, fashion show, Formula 1 or football match. We will provide you the tickets ensuring a real VIP experience.

We have a special package to participate to the most important concerts taking place in Rome and in Italy with a treatment that includes: limo service and vip tickets.

VIP Access
VIP Access
Airport VIP assistance


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A passenger reception and assistance service...
We provide supervision and security services...
Allows access to the most exclusive clubs ...
High quality private Rome tours...