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Air travel is the easiest and fastest way to move, the helicopter has enforced this concept with ever increasing versatility.

For those who believe time is a resource and wish to avoid wasting it, here is an example.

Rome Helicopter Tour

Rome Helicopter Tour

the best way to discover one of the most ancient capital of the world: 30' 45' 60' of an exciting experience tour. A wonderful landscape of the city at the sunset time to enjoy the Olimpic Stadium and Foro Italico, the Rome sports complex of the 1938; love lock of Ponte Milvio Bridge; Renzo Piano Auditorium; Villa Ada & Villa Borghese park; Altare della Patria, Vatican and Saint Peter with a low visibility because the area is not overflowing; EUR residential and business district built on commission by Mussolini; park of the Roman Aqueducts insert in the Appia Antica Park; the Roman Castles, Villa Adriana (Frascati wine region) and Castel Gandolfo Lake (Pope's summer residence of Castel Gandolfo)

Bracciano Lake/Castle

In just few minutes from Rome, you can enjoy a wonderful daily excursion by helicopter to the Bracciano Lake to visit the enchanting Castle Odescalchi and all its amazing and historic interior rooms. The Castle rises next to Bracciano Lake and it is a fifteenth-centusry building consisting of three walls of the outer walls; pentagonal, has five towers, one for each vertex of the outer fortification. The castle is set in 1470 around the old medieval fortress of the Prefects of Vico. You can also have lunch in one of the characteristic restaurant in front of the castle.

Bracciano Lake - Castle
Monster Park Bomarzo

Monster Park Bomarzo

Enjoy a wonderful daily helicopter excursion to the House of Wonders, also called the Sacred Forest or Monster Park, the only one of it's kind in the world. Built in 1552 by architect Pirro Ligorio (completed the Cathedral of Saint Peter in Rome, after the death of Michelangelo, and Villa d’Este in Tivoli), these refined Italian gardens are the creation of an eccentric "grove" in doing sculpting blocks of lava stone, enigmatic figures of monsters, dragons, exotic animals and mythological subjects, a small house pendant, a funerary temple and fountains. Everything is invented with iconological criteria that escape even the most passionate scholars, labyrinth of symbols that envelops those enter physically or intellectually.

A Fine Lunch "La Posta Vecchia"

Enjoy a wonderful daily excursion by helicopter to La Posta Vecchia resort. The villa was built by Prince Orsini in 1640 on top of the remains of an ancient Roman city. This 17th century jewel is one of the most prestigious hotels in Italy and today member of The Leading Hotels of the World. With the experienced Chef Antonio Magliulo, The Cesar Restaurant is a privileged spot for refined Roman gourmet cuisine. Most of ingredients are locally-sourced or grown on the premises and gluten-free and vegetarian options are also available.

Lunch in "Posta Vecchia"
Winery Experience Falesco

Winery Experience "Falesco" cell

Enjoy a wonderful daily excursion to Falesco Winery, located in a unique land in between two regions rich in history, culture and winemaking traditions: Lazio and Umbria. Here the favorable climatic conditions have created the natural environment to cultivate the passion of the Cotarella Family: producing great wines. The Company has been founded in 1979 by the brothers and winemakers Renzo and Riccardo Cotarella. They turned what was a small family business into a succesful company, now driven by the new generations. Passion for viticulture, strong sense of belonging to the territory of origin and scientific approach have been for over thirty years the basis of Falesco philosophy. Falesco is one of the most interesting winery of the area.

Winery Tour in D’amico Winery Valley

A wonderful daily excursion to Paolo e Noemia D’Amico Winery in the heart of the Tuscia region, amongst the "Calanchi", nowadays a UNESCO protected area on the border between Tuscany, Lazio and Umbria. The visit will show you how the idea was born from an Etruscan wine cellar, which already existed in the property and that currently has the same function. The current wine cellar is divided into two areas: the most ancient, made out of local "Tufo" stone, with immense arches, where the wine rests in oak barrels to the sound of classical music; the most recent area, where the wine is bottled and labelled, surrounded by large columns that act as a library. The Paolo & Noemia D’Amico is one of the most interesting winery of the area.

Winery Tour D'Amico
A day in SPA

A Day in SPA

Enjoy an helicopter day excursion to the luxury Fonteverde Spa . In the heart of Tuscany, between the beautiful hills of Val d'Orcia. Here is Fonteverde, a fascinating Medici Palace of '600, a small treasure born of the Renaissance style and art. Treat you to a warm hug: the thermal waters gush out at a temperature of 42°C. Well known since ancient times, they are rich of fluorine, magnesium and sulfur. Their secrets: a deep pureness for a natural wellbeing.

Saturnia Body Treatment SPA

Enjoy an helicopter excursion to Terme di Saturnia Spa and Resort. With its four outdoor thermal pools, whirlpools and vascular routes to cold and hot water, the pools of the Terme di Saturnia Park is one of the largest in Tuscany and presented a vast oasis dedicated to relaxation. You can simply dip and enjoy the warmth of the sulfurous vapors, or getting titillated by a thousand bubbles in the whirlpool. Lulled by the water, naturally heated to 37°C and the sound of the falls, the body becomes light while the skin is smoothed caressed by the vapors. The mind is stripped of thoughts and joins the body, in a merger that heralds the rebirth and the discovery of inner harmony.

Saturnia Body Treatment SPA
Argentario Golf Resort

Argentario Golf Resort

Enjoy a daily helicopter excursion to the 5 stars Argentario Golf Resort & Spa, one of the most beautiful place of the Tuscan Coast. Luxury and design rooms, 18-holes golf course, Spa of almost 3000 m² and gourmet restaurant specializing in Tuscan cuisine, are waiting to welcome you. An exclusive location to play your best Golf and spend a relaxing day understanding the luxury and design in a unique way in the charming Tuscan Maremma.

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